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Each Modern Geographic expedition is unique, shaped by weather, destinations, and the goals and preferences of its crew members. Individual trips fall anywhere on the spectrum from a learning-intensive, skills-building voyage to a very laid-back cruise focused on relaxation and enjoyment of Caribbean culture. The crew will typically include Captain Paul Exner plus two to three other participants. We meet the afternoon before departure to discuss the overall trip plan (see Expedition pages for sample trips) and become familiar with the boat and its systems. Depending on our destination, we typically embark either at sunset or in the early morning. On passages, we follow a standard system of rotating watches, and everyone has a chance to participate in all aspects of running the vessel, including sail trim and changes, navigation, and anchoring. For an aspiring cruiser, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience with the equipment aboard a proper bluewater sailing craft, such as a wind vane and cruising spinnaker. While at anchorage, we’ll have plenty of time to explore—including remote and off-the-beaten-path locations accessible only by dinghy. Each day is different from the last, filled with adventures you won’t soon forget.